Over the past few months, a LOT has happened. Surprisingly enough, I ended up launching a social media campaign opposed to Israel Apartheid Week which actually spread worldwide. We had a ridiculous amount of traffic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and spread worldwide. Even this month, Rethink has been in Chile and is still empowering Jews and Zionists three months after I made that first Facebook page during February half term. I’ve taken a lot from the campaign, both politically and personally. Above all else, it’s given me a huge amount of confidence and has bolstered me to go further in the community than I ever hoped would happen. There’s a jam-packed year ahead of me now, that’s for sure. Anyway, I’ve decided to post a few of the articles I’ve written in the past few months on issues of Judaism, Zionism, gender and disability. Hope you enjoy them all!

Love and a million hugs,

The Meshuggenah Girl x


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